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Photoshop Word Conference and Expo 2013 is very quickly approaching and photographers are very much anticipating the experience and networking, as well as getting to see new photographers and their work. No matter if you are an aspiring photographer, or a professional, Photoshop World has something there for everyone, young to old. From April 17-19, 2013, You will blow your own mind in the amount of education, information and opportunities you will and have gained from this to take with you on your life's journey.


From technology, to software and new types of inventions that will make your work so much more beautiful and easier to achieve your goals, while also helping you make the money you deserve for those many countless hours of shooting and editing, Photoshop World Expo is the place to go. You absolutely will not wan to miss the excitement for many reasons such as learning easier editing techniques, meeting some of today's well known most successful editors and photographers in the business, learning how to market your business and find your niche, and making your work go global to catch the eyes of people all around the world.


Social networking is by far one of today’s leading resources that we have today. Modern day socializing is the key to success and knowing who to talk to, how to make those meetings happen, how to sell the pieces you have shot or edited, and attracting the attention of the commercial world to promote your work to every day consumers. So knowing which resources are available are a prime key to your success. So many artists stick to things such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites, rather than expanding outside that box and into other venues and marketing opportunities. So learning which websites and networking fields there are is a major key to getting your work to become viral and shared around globally.


As mentioned earlier, some of the worlds biggest and best leaders in the world of photography and art will be there to coach you one on one, as well as a group on the tips and tools of the trade, to give you the advice, critique, and knowledge to make your work more marketable. They will teach you in workshops that are available where to market your work, Photoshop techniques, skills, shortcuts, and creative ideas on how to edit your work in such ways that are both appealing to the eye, and add salt to the flavor of your work to make your viewers thirst for more of your other products that you have available. Making your work admirable is the key to much of your success. If someone sees one of your pieces, and is inspired, they will naturally want to see things different and shocking that they have never seen before, or a new type of feel to something they have seen, but an entirely new concept. This is what will give you the “supply and demand” that you need to be able to compete in today's marketing world. It is extremely competitive. Some but not all of these amazing people include:

Scott Kelby


Photoshop User magazine


Matt Kloskowski

Author and Eduacator


Joe McNally



Ben Willmore

Author, and Instructor


Dave Black

Photographer, Teacher, Author


Moose Peterson

Wildlife Photographer, Author, and Educator


Joel Grimes

Photographer, Instructor


Jamy Maisel



and many more.



Many spend from thousands to millions of dollars in marketing their work and don’t live see the fruits of their money spent because they believe money is what makes them marketable. However, many do not have the money to spend on workshops and education because we are maxed out on bills and have kids, bills, and our time is distracted elsewhere other than where we want it to be, but yet all the while, our work is either amazing and never makes it to see the light of day, or we don’t have the skills and talent quite yet to get it out there because of our everyday restrictions. So knowing how and where to sacrifice is something we all need to know how to do in order to make it and get the time and education we need to somehow get our work seen. 


Photoshop World is exactly that and more. From classes, to technology, education, resources, literature directly from the manufacturers and inventors themselves, including the one on one time you get from photographers and artists from around the world, its only you who can determine your success by attending this Photoshop World Expo 2013 Convention in Orlando, Florida, and gaining more in just one day than you have in over half your life. As a Floridian, you have an obligation to yourself to make it to this!


To make it easier for you, Photoshop World has extended an offer to you who can’t afford to attend the classes and convention, by giving you the opportunity to attend it for FREE! That’s right! The final two days of the Expo are open to a limited number of the public absolutely free!  To find out more about Photoshop World, visit their website, click here!


I hope to see you all there at Photoshop World in April!  Do NOT miss this opportunity! Only YOU can determine how successful you are. So time, hard work, effort and doing the things you have to do is what will help you get there! Blessings and Good-luck to you all!


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