"Don't Just Take a Picture, ... Capture Life!"™
Everyone can take a picture! Each second is a moment in time that we can never exactly regain, even through a picture. We can't look at the moment in the way that would reshape the moment in our hearts and minds that we could stand outside of time and play it back. BUT...... WHAT IF YOU COULD?
Is it not worth every breath, every heartbeat, and every cell in you to be able to just go back to that time where you can smell the same smell, see, feel, touch, taste, and actually relive the exact moment but in a way that you are outside yourself?
So, what are you waiting for? Don't relive a picture, but Stand IN THE MOMENT with
Photography by Nathan Waters. ©

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Since 1997, I have done everything from weddings,events, modeling concepts, to portrait, fashion, boudoir, landscape, aerial, commercial, product and other types of photography which has changed my way of seeing things. Today, I am now a producer, director, editor, camera operator, also working in cinematography and Director of Photography.


In 2012, I graduated from Polk State College with my Associate of Arts Degree, and then returned to my home school at Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida to complete my Bachelor of Science Degree in May 2015, majoring in broadcasting and journalism with a film minor. I have worked on many student films, and a couple feature films. I am also now a writer, author, and screenwriter. 

The way my mind works is that when I see things, I am living it outside my own body and see it as though I am standing outside the dimensions with the ability to see and relive it from different angles and perceptions. There is meaning far beyond our own understanding and what we can understand even now, we don't completely even comprehend. I use my talent and my heart above my mind,I use that to see things and try to show that in my pictures that beauty is even in the ugliest of things.

This is my work. This is my dream. This is my passion. I want to reveal what it is in another perception and let the viewer see it as a life they are living it for the first time and a sight worth taking the moment to just stand inside the memory. All in All, I will return glory to my creator in the only reason I have to live, and that is to bless Him back with what blessing He gave me. Thanks for your time! NOW LETS SHOOT!

~Nathan Waters

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Guestbook for PhotosbyNathanW.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters.
I ordered some Sea World pictures from Nate. They not only exceeded my expectations but my Mom's as well. They were amazing!! He's very talented.
37.Taylor Odom(non-registered)
Thank you so much for you amazing work! My pictures look amazing! I had so much fun shooting with you! Thank you again!
35.Jess Larsen(non-registered)
Love your work. You have an amazing eye for beauty.
32.Delores Waters Hux(non-registered)
Cuz you have some amazing shots on your pages, I Love the way you have a good eye for detail, folks would do them selves right to have you do ALL their photo Shoots, Weddings, birthdays, graduation, personal shoots, I Love all the photos I saw....Hope you make a million doing what you do best, and enjoying all you do, its pretty cool to be able to work and enjoy it also....Love ya your cousin Delores....
25.Linda D(non-registered)
Beautiful photography! I think you are so talented and I know that you will go far in whatever direction God takes you. You are such a sweet, wonderful, and caring son. Always stay the way you are! GOD BLESS YOU! Love, your mom
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